Life at the corner of Interaction & Aesthetics

Content Strategy

The key to content with impact is knowing where and how your audience is engaging with your brand. I go beyond the editorial calendar and put your analytics to work.

Multimedia Design

From augmented reality and 3D printing to photography and typography, I have the skills and experience you need to make your wildest projects happen. So dream big - the sky is no longer the limit.

Video Production

A picture says a thousand words, but a video tells the whole story. I give life to your stories by utilizing live action footage, traditional and digital animation, and motion graphics.

Hibachi Hero

Available on Android and iOS, Hibachi Hero is a "First Person Food Shooter" where players flick knives to slice falling food ingredients and achieve delicious high scores. As producer on the project, I kept the the team on track using Kanban and Agile methodologies, managed a large portion of the project's documentation, and oversaw our QA testing. I also contributed art assets in the form of the 3D weapons used in the game and creating the trailer featured above, which is a mix of motion graphics and gameplay footage.

Talent Nexus

In my role as the Client Experience Designer for Diverse Talent Strategies, I was tasked with creating the branding and marketing for the Talent Nexus program, including the overview video featured above which uses a mix of animated infographics and screenshots from DTS's mentoring software. What is Talent Nexus? Well, I'll let the video speak for itself.

Parkland College Demo Reel

While finishing my Associate's degree I had to opportunity to put together a demo reel for the Digital Media department featuring work from students (including myself) between 2007 and 2013. The video features 3D transition sequences and animated masks to create cohesion between the various art styles featured.